Betta or also called Siamese Fighting Fish is the fish that started me on my love for fish keeping.

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish

This freshwater fish goes by a few names and can be found naturally on the Malayan peninsula and Thailand.

The Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta has a very slender body, long and broad anal fin, rounded caudal fin and a dorsal fin that is long and high on the body of the Betta. They have many and beautiful color variations.

Betta Siamese Fighting Fish prefer live foods but there are many dried foods that are designed for them. The males are extremely aggressive toward other males and they should not be kept in the same tank. The Siamese Fighting Fish is best kept is a species specific tank in water temperatures ranging from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contrary to popular belief they can be kept with other fish. As long as it is not another male Betta or a fish that is the same size or smaller with large fins. If you do purchase a Betta Siamese Fighting Fish you should purchase a proper aquarium and not keep them in the tiny bowl of water that many people do. Remember that a general rule of them of required water for a fish is roughly 1 gallon for every 1 inch of fish.

Water Temperature (Fahrenheit) 77°-86°
Water pH 7
Illumination Medium