Black-Backed Anemone are a lively and interesting salt water fish to watch.

Black-Backed Anemone Fish

The Black-Backed Anemone has a short and deep body like other anemone. The body is a glowing orange all around and black in the center. This marine fish also has a wide whitish vertical band rounded at the bottom behind the eye. Young Black-Backed Anemone Fish often have a second and even a trace of a third band that disappear as they age.

This salt water fish likes good light, a water temperature of between 77 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and a pH level of 8.2 – 8.6.

The Black-Backed Anemone eats small live food. They can be kept with other anemone and are very lively.

Water Temperature (Fahrenheit) 77°-86°
Water pH 8.2-8.6
Illumination Medium