The Clown Loach can be a great tank mate for Cichlids

Clown Loach

The Clown Loach can grow up to almost 1 foot in length and has a basic color of bright orange with three wedge shaped bars running the length of the body that are a dark color. The fins of the fish are partly red in color.

Found in Sumatra and Borneo naturally this freshwater fish prefers a water temperature of between 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and primarily dwells at the bottom of the aquarium. This freshwater fish is an omnivore.

They are a schooling fish that is lively. Interestingly older Clown Loach is often solitary in their behavior. They are easily kept with other peaceful schooling fish. They are also known as being good tankmates for Cichlids.

Water Temperature (Fahrenheit) 75°-86°
Water pH 6-8
Illumination Low