The Swordtail is a peaceful schooling fish and is easily kept with other live bearers.


The Swordtail has a typical Guppy body shape. The destinct visual diference is the lower rays on this freshwater fish extend to almost the length of the body resembling a sword. The female of the species can grow to almost 5 inches in length. There are many color variations of the Swordtail that range from a greenish yellow with interesting color patterns to a solid orange color.

This freshwater fish prefers a water temperature of about 73 degrees fahrenheit. Swordtails like a lot of light and a lot of room to swim.

Swordtails eat both live and dried food without any special requirements. Great fish for people that are thinking about taking a try a breeding their own fish.

Water Temperature (Fahrenheit) 72°-79°
Water pH 7-8
Illumination Strong